The trump chosen by the chief of staff of one of the main ideologues of the Republicans

According to CNN, the headquarters of Donald trump had announced that the new head of the White house will be the head of the national Committee of the Republican party the Raines Pribus. Who led the election campaign of billionaire Steve Bannon will receive the position of chief Advisor to the new President.

In the statement, which was distributed by trump, stated that Primus and’bannon worked effectively during the electoral campaign, and their strategy led to the victory. “Now we will work together in the White house to make America great,” said the President-elect.

Pribus headed the national Committee of the Republican party in 2011. He drew in a batch of new sponsors, straightened financial situation, as well as conducted a thorough analysis of causes that led to the defeat of Barack Obama in previous elections. He also participated in the drafting of the party program, which spoke of plans to focus on improving the quality of life of the population.

Originally Primus was not included in the team of trump, however, after a billionaire became the leader of the race among the Republican candidates, he openly stated his support. In particular, Primus negotiated between trump supporters and party members, in order to prevent a split.

Stephen Bannon the greater part of his career spent in the media business. He led the conservative newspaper Breibart News and produced documentaries on political themes. Bloomberg in October 2015 reviewed career’bannon and called it “the most dangerous political strategist in America.”