Trump refused to pay $400 thousand

In the program “60 minutes” on CBS, host asked Trump question whether he is going to receive a presidential salary. “I never commented on this subject, but my answer is no. I’m required by law to get no less than a dollar a year, so will the dollar,” he said.

Leading warned trump that one refuses to 400 thousand dollars a year, the billionaire said that he still will not receive a salary in the White house.

Trump also responded to a question about Hillary Clinton, the case which (of the illicit sending of letters of national importance with personal mail), he promised to transfer to the special Prosecutor. He said that former Secretary of state “did some bad things,” but he did not want to hurt her family. “They’re good people, and I don’t want them to get hurt,” said trump, who says that Hillary’s husband bill Clinton called him and congratulated him on a great campaign.

The US President-elect also called on his opponents to stop the protests, and its supporters – not to attack the representatives of Latin America and Muslims. “If need be, I’ll get out the camera and ask them to stop all this,” said trump.

In the same interview, the wife of billionaire Melania trump has told that periodically asks her husband not to cross the lines when writing social media posts. “Sometimes he listens to me, sometimes not. He is an adult and understands the consequences. I say my opinion, and he decides to listen to him or not,” she said.