Volodin has decided to allocate 40 million rubles for the examination of the Duma bills

10 million on experts

The agreement to increase the costs of examination bills was reached at the meeting of the speaker with leaders of factions last week, confirmed sources in all three parliamentary opposition parties (the liberal democratic party, the Communist party, CP).

The first Deputy head of the faction of United Russia Andrei Isayev confirmed that a decision was taken that all factions will receive 10 million rubles for expert work.

“The money will be used to order the study, conduct the examination of bills, prepare their texts,” — said Isayev.

The costs of these payments are within the budget of the Duma in 2016 and the extra money is not required, said a member of the high Council of LDPR Alexey Didenko.

Until now, the money for these purposes were allocated to the parties unequally, it all depended on the decisions of the Committee on rules. It was not understanding what guided the Committee in distributing funds, said the source in the Communist party. According to him, the Communists received 200-300 thousand rubles in a quarter.

“A run for the money was impossible, they could not bring renowned experts. Meanwhile, funds in the Duma were distributed irrationally: that door is constantly changing, then some unnecessary equipment was ordered,” — said a Communist.

Due to the small financing expertise of draft laws, the deputies were at a disadvantage compared to the government, said a member of the Supreme Council Didenko. “The government employs 10 thousand experts, and the Deputy just five assistants, who typically are not professionals,” — said the Deputy.

United Russia earlier announced the creation of 12 Advisory Board at the fraction on the assessment of draft laws deputies. Advice would be to consider legislative initiative, to hold round tables, to appoint a public examination upcoming bills explained Isaev. Advice would be to weed out “low-quality and irrelevant” initiatives of deputies, it follows from his explanation.

Obedient faction

Funds allocated to factions on examination bills, can be used on anything, said the source at one of the opposition factions. In fact it is money to support the parties, he concludes.

“Volodin Spud, therefore, the parties, demonstrates that he can protect their interests”, — says the source .

Earlier it was reported that the leaders of all factions agreed with Volodin has introduced a bill to increase the cost of voting the voter from 110 to 153 rubles., thus avoiding the reduction of funding of parliamentary parties, which in the elections in September, voted fewer voters than in 2011. According to the law “About political parties” parties receive funding from the state for the results of the elections to the state Duma for each received in the election vote.

In addition, from January 1, each member of the decision Volodin will have five assistants and seven that will lead to an increase in Fund of payment of their work, told the .

In the Duma already has its own analytical and legal departments which are engaged in information-analytical service of the deputies, legal and linguistic examination of each bill, which is submitted to the Duma, says political analyst Ekaterina Shulman. Increasing payments to factions, Volodin seeks to enhance the prestige of Parliament, she said.

“He wants to appear as powerful political figure, which maybe led him on to work preferences. Wants his new position did not look worse than before, and better” — said the expert. Instead, factions are waiting for discipline, adds Shulman. According to her, the bills will not prevent the deputies to make some kind of “perfect bill”.