Spring has linked the shooting in Pskov with a lack of control over the Internet

On Tuesday, November 15, the Kremlin has passed meeting of coordination Council under the President on the implementation of the national strategy of actions in interests of children, which was attended by the Minister of education Olga Vasiliev, Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova and the Chairman of the Duma Committee on health Dmitry Morozov. The meeting was attended by Ombudsman for children under President Anna Kuznetsova, which drew attention to the tragedy in Pskov.

A day earlier, two students — a 15-year-old Catherine V. and Denis, M. – barricaded in a house and fired at police, then killed himself. Before the death of the boy and the girl has published in social networks the same parting message. Now the Prosecutor’s office intends to find out the living conditions of minors in families.

According to Kuznetsova, the incident was made possible due to the lack of psychological prevention among minors. The tragedy, convinced Kuznetsova was supposed to be the reason for a major mobilization on the part of the authorities, the parent community and doctors.

“This tragedy was made possible thanks to a combination of factors: alcohol, quarrels, provocations by various subcultures, all kinds of encouragement on the Internet. Because of this, children went beyond this reality before thundered shots,” — said the Ombudsman . She, however, noted that the online stream with teenage shooting itself was not looking. Pskov adolescents were reporting a fire in a police car Periscop: they are actively consulted by Internet users, who praised those behind courage and determination.

More control

Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Irina Yarova concern Kuznetsova Internet supported. She noted that thanks to online communities and destructive groups among minors is promoted suicide. It is necessary to strengthen control over the Internet and prevention of suicide among children, he stated.

Director of the Scientific-practical center of pediatric Psychoneurology, Tatiana Batyshev agreed with colleagues at the coordinating Board and offered by all means to promote traditional values. She noted that the mental health of children to help “a healthy lifestyle based on family values.”

According to Baryshevoj, another danger of the Internet lies in the huge number of sites where the unqualified are given tips for the care of children. “These recommendations are amateurish in nature, and otvesnost no one is,” said the Director of the center. Batyshev has proposed to create a certified online portals, where will be presented “and quality-controlled information.” The Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, who moderated the meeting of the coordinating Council, noted that all the suggestions will be taken into consideration.

In recent years the authorities reinforce control over the Network, using including the protection of children from harmful information or of child suicides. Spring — one of the authors of the anti-terrorist package of amendments, which obliges Internet companies Telecom operators to store text message conversations users, as well as images, sounds, video, and other communications for at least one year, and operators three years. In April, the Federation Council member Elena Mizulina urged to tighten counter the propaganda of suicides, which number among the juveniles of Russians is growing, despite the law on the protection of children from harmful information, which in Russia were legalized the “black list” of sites.

The study of social networks

The League of safe Internet (LBI) is ready to help Kuznetsova and Spring to control the Internet, said the Director of the organisation Denis Davydov. “The child was shot, were broadcast in Periscope and required likes. Modern children live in a virtual world formed by social networks, — said the Director of LIE to Denis Davydov. In this sense, very revealing story with the children’s suicide under the influence of suicidal propagation in social networks. The explain experienced by a wave of such suicides that the children go into this to become famous, to collect thousands of likes to become idols in the virtual world, not even realizing that he won’t be able to enjoy this glory.”

In these conditions, says Davydov, significantly increases the role of parents, however, he drew attention to the responsibility of the makers of violent video games and social networks for dissemination of prohibited content. The organization, according to Davydov, will study accounts of adolescents in terms of their membership in suicidal groups.Earlier in the STI said that in Russia there will be “Cossack kiberdruzhiny” who will fight with illegal content on the Network, as well as to engage in “education of children, adolescents and their parents in matters of information security.”