“Struggle for influence”: what the Western media about the arrest of the speaker

New York Times

“60-year-old Minister was the most senior Russian official detained since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. His arrest came late at night. This tactic has been used by law enforcement agencies as was in Soviet times and rarely used lately.

Although details of the incident are yet to learn of the charges seems the most obvious evidence of ongoing in the Kremlin struggle for influence over the Russian economy. Possible scenarios included as a blow to the liberal camp and a possible indirect attack on Igor Sechin, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rosneft and confidant of President Vladimir Putin.”

Associated Press

“The message on detention of the speaker began Tuesday morning the main topic of news of the state TV channels of Russia. They walked under the heading “Fighting corruption” included the comments of the lawyers characterized the investigation as a major breakthrough in the long-awaited offensive against corruption in government.

Thus, in contrast to earlier corruption scandals, the TV showed footage of a suspect caught red-handed, or is taken into custody in handcuffs.”


“That is considered by many observers as part of a struggle between different Kremlin factions behind closed doors. Ulyukayev held a Ministerial post since 2013, working in the government since 2000. He is known as part of the liberal wing of the government and did not favour a more active state involvement in the economy.”

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