The ICC saw the signs of war crimes in Afghanistan

The international criminal court (ICC) has reason to believe that “the U.S. armed forces and the CIA committed war crimes in Afghanistan, including torture, ill-treatment, outrages upon personal dignity and rape”. This is stated in the annual report of the ICC, published on the website organization.

The document States that according to reports, representatives of the armed forces of the United States improperly treated with at least 61 prisoners in Afghanistan in the period from 1 may 2003 until 31 Dec 2014. The CIA, according to the court, perhaps inappropriately treated with 27 detainees in Afghanistan and other ICC States parties.

A large part of the incident occurred in the period 2003-2004.

The report States that these crimes were not ill-treatment against several individuals, but rather was done “with the approval of interrogation techniques in an attempt to obtain “actionable intelligence” from prisoners.”

The document also talks of possible war crimes the Taliban (banned in Russia) and it affiliated groups, as well as government forces.