Gray hawks: who will be included in the property trump

A week after the elections it became clear, who can enter into administration the 45th President of the USA of Donald trump. Chief of staff of the White house will be Pribus Raines, former head of the national Committee of the Republican party, and the main Advisor, Steve Bannon, head of the election campaign.

Pribus good personal and professional relationship with Paul Ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. This may facilitate passage of reform bills trump through Congress. The analysts note that the appointment of Primus, a Washington insider, is balanced by the appointment of Bannon. The latter gained fame as a critic of the elites. It is calculated on the “alternative right” who fear that trump may get bogged down in the “Washington swamp”, which promised to drain in case of a victory on elections. Thus, until that trump operates in a very pragmatic, writes The New York Times.

Speaking about the candidates for key government positions, experts and the media are focusing on their personal relationship with trump. It is believed that the elected President values loyalty. Witness the high posts to Primus and’bannon, who remained faithful even in the most difficult conditions, in particular during the scandal video where trump talks about his casual manners in dealing with women.

The formation of the administration is complicated by the contradictions within the Republican party, which had still not recovered from the unexpected victory trump. During the campaign, many prominent Republicans are part of the team of George W. Bush, and conservative intellectuals opposed the billionaire. Among his major weaknesses was called inexperience in foreign policy and unrestrained character. However, after the victory, many have revised their views, expressing a willingness to work in a future administration.

16 Nov trump on his Twitter page wrote that the process of selection of candidates for key state positions continues. “Only I know who is a finalist,” — said the President-elect.

Discussed in the media team is one of the most eclectic, says Yuri Rogulev, Director of study USA, Franklin Roosevelt of the Moscow state University. The only newcomer to this list — adviser to trump all the rest — well-known and long people, draws the attention of the expert.

The state Department from the past

During the campaign, trump criticized the foreign policy of its predecessors, Democrat Barack Obama and Republican George W. Bush, including the invasion of Iraq. However, in the list of candidates for high office called several of the masterminds of the US actions in the middle East among the neocons. They were influential during the reign of Republican presidents Ronald Reagan, George Bush and George W. Bush. Among them John Bolton, seen as a future Secretary of state. In 1980-ies he worked in the Ministry of justice, and in 1990-ies went to work in the state Department. Under George Bush Bolton held the position of Deputy Secretary of state for arms control and international security. The peak of his career was the post of US Ambassador to the UN in 2005-2006. In this post Bolton remembered for his sharp criticism of the UN. Likely successor John Kerry consistently comes out in support of unilateral actions of Washington in the global arena.

The appointment of Bolton could lead to complication of Russian-American relations. In a recent interview with Fox News, Bolton said that the country needs a strong leader to defend the interests of the United States in Syria. The views of Bolton may not coincide with the desire of the trump to normalize us-Russian relations.

Among the contenders for the post of Secretary of state also referred to the Senator from Tennessee Bob Corker. He now heads the Senate Committee on foreign Affairs. Unlike Bolton Senator more cautious in their assessments of foreign policy. In September, he publicly warned trump, a supporter who was always, about the danger of flattery, implying praise upon Vladimir Putin. While Corker has repeatedly emphasized that Washington and Moscow have common interests that allow for cooperation. However, according to the Senator, the U.S. government should proceed from the fact that earlier Putin “worked against us”.

The third likely candidate is the Republican newt Gingrich. He was one of the supporters of the impeachment of bill Clinton, and in 1995-1999 he held the third most important position in the United States — the President of the chamber of representatives. Gingrich supported trump at the stage of primaries. Unlike the others he has no foreign policy experience. In July of this year, he doubted that the US can come to help Estonia in case of a Russian invasion, calling this country “suburbs of Saint-Petersburg”.

Competition Bolton, Corker and Gingrich may be the former mayor of new York city and ally of trump Rudolph Giuliani. In 2000-e years he was the star of the Republican party, his popularity is largely due to the decisive action of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. In recent years it has lost much of the popularity, and his views were criticized for conservatism.

Speaking in mid-November with a speech on foreign policy, Giuliani said that he does not consider Russia a military threat, and the threat to American interests in the world comes from international terrorism.

Trump may consider the former mayor of new York city as the candidate for the post of head of the Ministry of justice in 1980-e years, Giuliani has worked in this Department. The competition for this post Giuliani may be 54-year-old Governor of new Jersey Chris Christie.

The Pentagon for four

For the post of Minister of defense trump is considering at least four people, write the American media. Among them a woman — Kelly Allott, Senator. She is the youngest candidate and represents a group of neoconservative hawks, writes The Washington Post. During the campaign she tried to distance themselves from the candidate.

Allott opposes closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay. On her website stated that she was a consistent critic of the “reset” policy with Russia, pursued by the current administration, and spoke out against “Putin’s invasion of Ukraine”. She was called to enter “the most stringent sanctions against Russia”. Iott also known that serves for strengthening American missile defense, which consistently supports the Kremlin.

According to the newspaper the Hill, the other contender for the post of head of the Pentagon — 69-year-old Senator from Alabama, Jeff sessions. As writes the edition, sessions, a staunch ally of trump during the campaign, you may choose any post from those that he likes, in the Pentagon, the Ministry of justice or the Ministry of internal Affairs.

Sessions helped the elected President to develop proposals to combat illegal immigration and advised whom to choose as a candidate for Vice-President. The choice, as you know, fell on the Governor of Indiana Mike Pence, but he sessions, according to American media, could qualify for this post.

However, writes The Hill, and other consideration trump the figures, the sessions — a man with a controversial reputation. He is known as a solid conservative: in 2007, National Journal included him in the top five most conservative senators. Since 1981 for 12 years he was attorney for the southern district of Alabama in 1986, President Ronald Reagan nominated him to the post of the district judge, however that has not been approved. Over the years sessions has repeatedly been forced to fend off accusations of racism and the support of the Ku Klux Klan.

Sessions, according to USA Today, after the tramp has changed his position on Russia. 31 July, he told CNN that “the problem with Russia is truly devastating for America, Russia and the world”. “We need to end this circle of animosity”, said sessions. Although in 2014, the Senator urged to increase pressure on Russia. “If we do not impose sanctions against Russia, as they believe that in the future we will impose sanctions or do something aggressive, if they will move and take all of Ukraine or Georgia?” — quotes and Roman sessions USA Today.

Another contender for the post of defense Minister is 58-year-old Michael Flynn, Lieutenant General, retired. In the Russian media Flynn became famous after the publication of photos in which he is depicted at the same table with Putin during the celebration of the anniversary of the TV channel RT in December 2015. At the dinner Flynn, according to him, was just submitted to the President of Russia, they never spoke again. However, from the conversation at the table had the impression that the Russian leadership has no respect for us. Their statements on the Russian state channel RT Flynn explained that he was paid for the performance, but the amount was not disclosed.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Flynn explained that he was in Russia several times. For the first time — as Director of the intelligence Department of the Ministry of defence. According to Flynn, he became the first American officer, who was made the headquarters of GRU, where he held a briefing. According to him, relations with Russia requires the United States; as of the last successful examples of collaboration he cited cooperation on the security of the Sochi Olympics, Iran’s nuclear program. According to him, Russia, the United States should cooperate in the fight against terrorism.

Also among the contenders — 69-year-old Stephen Hadley, former national security Advisor to President George W. Bush (2005 to 2009). He helped to prepare the data that would allow President Bush to start a war in Iraq. In 2003 he put on the President’s Desk a letter of resignation, as data on chemical weapons in Iraq was falsified, however, the President did not accept. In recent years, Hadley along with former Secretary of state Condoleezza rice and former defense Secretary Robert gates in charge of General consulting company.

The Ministry of Finance for friends

The main contenders for the post of head of the Ministry of Finance were members of the elite, with close ties to wall street. Trump promised that under him, China will get the status “currency manipulator”, which will allow Washington to impose protectionist measures against Chinese goods. He also promised to repeal the Dodd — Frank that restricts U.S. banks in securities transactions. Republicans believe that introduced in 2010 a set of measures prevents lending and slowing economic growth.

Trump is considering for the post of Minister of Finance the head of one of the largest us banks JP Morgan Chase Jamie diamon, although he supported the election of Clinton. Daymon is one of the most successful financiers, but JP Morgan Chase in recent years has been involved in a number of scandals. In 2013, the Bank agreed to pay $13 billion for the termination of the investigation of the mortgage securities.

Another candidate, a former banker at Goldman Sachs, responsible for the financing of the election campaign trump — Stephen Mnuchin. He is known for his investments in Hollywood, invested in the films “Mad Max: fury Road” and “Sniper”.

Among friends trump who can head the Finance Ministry, and the call Volume Barraca, one of the founders of the investment company Colony Capital with investments in real estate. He was one of the first to support the presidential ambitions of each other, including through donations.

The Financial Times also says 78-year-old billionaire Wilbur Ross. Also, this post claims the head of the house of representatives Committee on financial market supervision Jeb, Hensarling. He is described as a fiscal conservative. In the case of appointment to the post of Minister of Finance he will have to implement pre-election promises trump in the form of comprehensive tax reform and the repeal of Dodd — Frank.