In the state Duma introduced fines for deputies-truants

The new norm of the Duma regulations Wednesday, November 16, voted 421 MP. Now for each missed meeting from the salary of the Deputy will be deducted one-sixth of salaries (about 60 thousand rubles), follows from the amendments to the regulations of the lower chamber.

Absent is the Deputy never registered at the meeting. Registration takes place three times: at 10:00, 12:30 and 16:00. The decision on collecting of the penalty, was adopted by the Committee on rules and placed on the website of the Duma, stated in the amendments.

The fines will go to the budget of the state Duma, said in conversation with journalists before the plenary meeting, one of the authors of the amendments, the Deputy speaker of the lower house of Parliament, Sergei Neverov (“United Russia”).

According to the Duma regulations, a Deputy is required to attend the Council meetings. About the inability to attend for good reason, he shall inform the speaker of the Duma.

Valid reasons are temporary disability, the direction of the outside of Russia as part of the official parliamentary delegation, the direction on a business trip by order of the speaker of the Duma upon the recommendation of the head of fraction. Valid reason for absence at the meeting of the chamber of the speaker, Vice-speakers and heads of fractions is also implementation of powers of the members of the Council of the Duma.

Answering questions of deputies Neverov said that the holiday is not considered a truancy.

“If for every missed session will be deducted one-sixth of salary (per month held six plenary meetings), does this mean that all other days are not worth anything” — asked Oleg Sheyin from “Fair Russia”.

To control the attendance of a Deputy is possible only in the plenary hall, said Neverov.

“Only “the left” asking questions [regarding amendments on absenteeism]. In the Russian language this word means something bad” — ironically in his speech, the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky, having in mind the deputies from “Fair Russia” and the Communist party.

Spravoross Oleg Nilov retorted that he would not give examples of how the people called liberals.

That in the Duma plan to introduce a bill that introduces fines for MPs-truants in October, said the source.