The UN Committee adopted a document condemning the annexation of Crimea to Russia

The third Committee of the UN adopted a document on the situation in the Crimea, initiated by the Ukrainian diplomats. In the Crimea and Sevastopol referred to as “temporarily occupied territories of Russia” and condemned the establishment of the Russian legal system.

The document also condemns the human rights violations, discriminatory measures against the inhabitants of the Peninsula. In this regard, the authors of the paper “urge Russia” to put an end to arbitrary detention and torture, to release illegally convicted Ukrainian citizens, to revoke the decision on announcement of an extremist organization of the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar people, as well as to ensure access to Crimea for international missions monitoring the situation of human rights and human rights NGOs.

During the discussion of the document, the Russian representative Evgeny Zagainov called on not to accept it, stating that the paper is included in the provisions are not within the competence of the Committee.

“The project is biased and prejudiced. For his part, remain serious human rights violations and war crimes of the authorities on the territory of Ukraine”, – said zagajnov. “For reasoning about monitoring and access, lies not caring about position of the Crimean people, and developing an information campaign against Russia and attempts of pressure on our country”, – quotes the diplomat of the foreign Ministry’s website.

However, the adoption of the document voted by the representatives of 73 countries, state -23 against, the rest abstained.

Therefore, the paper will be submitted to the UN General Assembly, where it will be discussed at the meeting of the 71st session.