Obama warned trump from entering into a “deal” with Russia

US President Barack Obama expressed hope that President-elect Donald trump will not enter into a convenient “deals” with Russia, which can hurt people. He also hoped that trump would be able to withstand in methodenstreit Barack Obama expressed hope that President-elect Donald trump will be able to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin, when his country’s actions will deviate from international norms, according to Bloomberg.

“I don’t expect the President-elect will follow exactly our approach,” Obama said during a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“I hope he will not just stick to “real politics” and to make deals with Russia, despite their convenience, if they hurt people,” he added.

Speaking about the relations between the two countries, Obama added that “sought a constructive relationship with Russia.” “But I always was a realist and understood that to how Russia looks at the world as we see it — there are major differences”, he continued.

Obama expressed hope that trump will be “ready to confront Russia where its conduct would be inconsistent with our values and international norms”.

Republican Donald trump is led on the US presidential election, which took place on 8 November. During the election campaign he repeatedly stated that he intends to improve relations with Russia but did not specify exactly how he will do it.

November 14 telephone conversation between Vladimir Putin and Donald trump. The Kremlin said that in entering the conversation, trump and Putin praised the current state of bilateral relations as “very unsatisfactory” and spoke “in favor of active joint work on their normalization and removal in the path of constructive cooperation on a wide range of issues.”