US senators called on to respond to Russia for “intervention in election”

A large number of US congressmen, both from the Democratic and Republican party advocate that Washington still said Russia for alleged interference in elections, as well as for its actions in Ukraine and Syria, despite the position of President-elect Donald trump to improve relations with Moscow, according to Reuters.

So, the main Democrat on the Senate Committee on foreign Affairs, Senator Ben Cardin said Wednesday that it is working on “comprehensive” bill, which will be a response to Russian actions in Europe and Syria, as well as cyber attacks during the election campaign, responsibility for which lay on Moscow.

“Russia is a very serious problem for America. She is not our partner. She is a bully”, – quotes its words Reuters. “She’s attacking us in a Moment [fighter], or mouse – it doesn’t matter. All this attack. And it requires a response. It is clear also that they were responsible for a cyber attack on our country during elections,” said Cardin.

To retaliatory action urged this week, and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham. He stated that is in favour to arrange in the Senate hearing on the issue, interfered with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the recent US elections. “We can’t be in the side,” said the Republican.

The details of the bill, on which work is conducted, Senator Cardin did not disclose, saying only that he would be “exhaustive.” He also doubted that the bill will be adopted in the old part of the Congress, but expressed hope that “the basis of further action will be laid”.