Russia began to establish naval base in Syrian Tartus

Russian defense Ministry started to equip the port of Syrian Tartus in ships, boats and technical equipment necessary for the creation of a full-fledged naval base. About this “Interfax” said a source familiar with the situation.

According to interlocutors of the Agency, Russia started the necessary equipment of the port, without waiting for documentation of the elevation of the status of the Russian facility in Tartus naval base. Now Russia in the city object that has the status of a point of logistics of the Navy.

The source said that “the previous day through the Straits in a South-westerly direction proceeded, the sea tug MB-31 black sea fleet floating crane SPK-46150”.

In October, Deputy defense Minister Nikolai Pankov said that Russia will create in the Tartus naval base, which will operate on a permanent basis. “Relevant documents have been prepared, they undergo the procedure of interdepartmental coordination,” said then punks.

Located in Tartus 720-th item logistics of the Russian Navy — the only Russian military base in the far abroad and only in the Mediterranean sea the point-based Russian warships. The agreement about it was signed between the USSR and Syria in 1971. She began to operate in 1977 and was created to repair the ships, their supply of fuel and consumables.