The foreign Ministry announced a change in the rhetoric of Obama, after the words about the “superpower”

Statements by the U.S. President Barack Obama about Russia two years ago and now are very different, said spokesman of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, the TV channel “Rain”.

“You can understand them while they understand that a new President was elected, they move in the direction of the course, which was approved in the framework of their authority, so expect them any change is not necessary, unfortunately. But today was the press conference of Barack Obama, MS Merkel, and there was placed a completely different emphasis than if they were placed some time ago. <…> There are some other nuances. A year or two ago we heard that Russia is a regional power and so forth,” — said Zakharov.

Foreign Ministry spokesman explained that “the question is not what we presume, a great power or a great power, the question is that we are ready to cooperate.”

“We were ready to do it all the time, despite all the statements that were made from the White house. Unfortunately, that still left the words,” — concluded Zakharov.

Earlier on Thursday, 17 November, during a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Obama called Russia a “superpower”, which has influence in the region and the world. “Russia is an important country, it is a military superpower. She has influence in the region and in the world,” Obama said.