A court in the United States recognized relatives of the head of the Venezuelan guilty of drug trafficking

As reported by Reuters, the court issued a guilty conversation Frankie Francisco Flores de Freitas and Afrane Antonio Campo Flores, who was suspected of a conspiracy to import into the United States large quantities of cocaine.

The court agreed with the arguments of the investigators that came to the conclusion that the millions of dollars received from the sale of cocaine, the relatives of the Venezuelan President had to be dispatched to Caracas to help Maduro and his wife to stay in power.

Frankie Flores de Freitas and Afran Flores – nephews of the wife of the Venezuelan President, Celia Flores.

The newspaper El Nacional specifies that two young men were arrested in Haiti, their plane was discovered 800 kilograms of cocaine. Flores de Freitas and Flores were transported to the USA, where they appeared before the court.

During the trial it turned out that the nephew of the wife of the President used the VIP entrance of the international airport in Caracas, and on the way landed in Honduras, where he was involved with drug traffickers. To keep them in Haiti failed due to an informant of the American Management on struggle against drugs.

Lawyer Flores de Freitas and Flores tried to explain the incident a mistake, understandable by the youth, however, the jury agreed with the Prosecutor’s position.