In Latvia, prepared to defend “to the last” the building of the Ministry of defense

According to the Washington Post, since the summer, the Ministry of defence are preparing to defend the building Department. With this purpose, formed a corps of 20 volunteers who received weapons and are actively practicing, hoping to keep the complex in case of an attack.

“In the Ministry building to store weapons and we will all the time ready to defend yourself,” said the Secretary of the military Department of Latvia Janis Garisons, which is the highest ranking civilian in the Ministry of defence of the Baltic countries.

The publication notes that in light of the victory of Donald trump in US elections, the Latvian authorities up to eight thousand people increased the number of National guard. “The hope that the Americans or the God will save us, he’s gone now,” said the newspaper, the former Minister of defence of Latvia Artis Pabriks, who is currently a member of the European Parliament. “We have to accept the idea that if something happens, we have to fight as did the Finns in 1939, and the West will have to help us,” he added.

The publication cites the words of the mayor of Riga nil Ushakov, which is not so pessimistic. He said WP, I’d be glad to return to the Latvian-Russian relations, the situation in 2013, that is, before the annexation of Crimea to Russia. “Then it was very peaceful, developing trade and tourism,” he said.

On Friday, Latvia celebrated its independence Day, dedicated to the creation of the first Republic in 1918.