Special services of the Netherlands spoke of dozens of ISIS operatives in Europe

Experts of the Dutch intelligence services believe that the terrorist group “Islamic state” (ISIS banned in Russia) in Europe are 60 to 80 operatives, whose task is committing the attacks. In an interview with the Associated Press said the national coordinator terrorism and security (NCTV) dick Shot.

According to him, recruited the fighters of ISIL also receive messages from groups in which “they are asked not to come to Syria and Iraq to prepare attacks in Europe.”

One result of this process, according to Safa, was the fact that over the past six months in the “Islamic state” has not increased the number of foreign fighters, but the fact that they do not move through the world, does not mean that the threat from them has decreased.

“We recorded that 294 terrorists went to Iraq and Syria, and 190 of them are still there,” said Sof, noting that all these countries are now 4-5 thousand foreign fighters.

The evaluation led by Sophom agencies in the Netherlands — a country with a population of 17 million people — are now from 190 to 350 people, and although the Netherlands has not suffered from major terrorist attacks, such as Brussels and Paris, the possibility of an attack on the country remains “real”, he said.