Merkel advised the leadership of the Christian democratic Union about the decision to go for a fourth term

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced to his followers about the decision for the fourth time to run for the post of Prime Minister, reports Reuters, citing a senior party functionaries of the Christian democratic Union (CDU).

According to the source, Merkel said this was done in a closed session of Presidium of party in Berlin, which was held on Sunday, November 20. As expected, it will officially announce it tonight.

According to the study, which was conducted by the Emnid service by order of publication Bild, more than half of Germans said that they are ready to support Angela Merkel in the event of her nomination to the post of Chancellor for a fourth term. For the re-nomination of the conservative opposition had 55% of the respondents. Another 39% were opposed, which is 11 p. p. less than in August (50% against, 42%).

First post of Chancellor Merkel won in 2005.