Golodets told about the discussion in the government of a progressive scale of personal income tax

The Russian government is considering the introduction of a progressive scale of tax on income of physical persons (NDFL), told reporters Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, reports “RIA Novosti”. This measure will allow to effectively fight poverty, adds TASS. “Interfax” reports that the Czech Prime Minister supports transition to a progressive scale of personal income tax this measure is discussed.

Literally Golodets said the following: “today we are going discuss about personal income tax. And I believe that to overcome poverty exemption in the lower scale of income tax is one of the most important steps. We have this measure calculated, and we are discussing today” (quoted by “Interfax”).

Since 2001, Russia has a uniform for all taxpayers, the flat rate personal income tax with a rate of 13%. The question of a return to progressive rates is discussed, first it put the public men and deputies. In June 2016, head of the Commission of the Public chamber of Russia for social policy, Vladimir Slepak Olga Golodets, suggested to abandon the taxation of incomes of Russians, which, in his opinion, should give “the prospect of a social unemployed” and reduce “dependency in our society.” In early September in the state Duma was introduced a bill on the return of a progressive scale of personal income tax, providing for a multiple of the rate increase (the authors were members of the liberal democratic party).

Speaking on November 17 to the deputies of the state Duma from fraction of the Communist party, Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov has made a return to a discussion of the progressive rate of personal income tax only after the presidential elections of 2018. President Vladimir Putin said that the tax system not to touch before the election.

“We believe that this possibility could be considered after 2018, when stabiliziruemost economic situation, when we present the budget at both the Federal and the regional budgets — in the new steady state, when these possible treatments in the shadows will be minimized,” — said Siluanov deputies-Communists, stating that “the current very difficult conditions” talk about increase in rates or change of an order of collection of personal income taxes can stimulate the nursing salaries in the shade.

Earlier, first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov also said that changing the rules of taxation of incomes of physical persons could be “appropriate” only after the presidential elections in 2018, when “the outcome of the current political cycle.”

At the end of August 2016, Vedomosti reported that the Ministry of Finance proposed to discuss several ways to increase revenues, including through higher taxes on profits, property tax, VAT and personal income tax.

According to Rosstat, the nominal average Russian salary in October amounted to 36.2 thousand RUB.