Obama has said it is ready to argue with trump about the American ideals

“As a citizen who cares about the welfare of their country, I will defend American values ideals, if it is needed,” Obama said at a press conference on the results of the APEC summit in the capital of Peru Lima. However, he promised that he would not interfere in politics trump on less important issues, reports Bloomberg.

Obama stressed that the next two months he intends to quietly complete his work as President, to go with his wife Michelle and children on vacation, and then “write something”.

“I want to respect the new administration and let the new President to submit his program and the arguments in its favor, not speaking on every issue,” – said Obama.

As the newspaper notes, if Obama does decide to be an active politician, he stopped the tradition in recent years. George W. Bush and bill Clinton never commented on the actions of their successors. The exception was the election campaign Hillary Clinton, during which the husband actively supported it.

Obama also said that during the 4-minute conversation with Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the summit in Lima, he urged the Russian President to adhere to Minsk agreements on Ukraine. Also, according to the head of the White house, he expressed concern about the situation in Syria and the suffering of the local population.

Earlier, Putin, commenting on the conversation with Obama, said thanked the us President for the years of joint work and invited him to come to Russia.