Incidents involving Russian military in Ukraine

Incidents involving Russian military in Ukraine

20 Aug 2014 — the Pskov burials

Ukrainian media reported that near the village of Georgievka in Luhansk region, the Ukrainian army captured a BMD-2 with documents and weapons of soldiers from the 76th guards airborne division, stationed near Pskov. The correspondent of TV channel “inter” Roman Bochkala published on his page in Facebook supporting this photo.

The defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said, “To many “exploits” SBU, now need to add another “buying stolen goods”. On 25 August in Pskov paratroopers were buried Leonid Kichatkin and Alexander Osipov, who was mentioned in the journal of dismissal of the rank and file, was found in BMD. On the plates the grave crosses date of death: 19 and 20 August.

Photo: Ilya Vasyunin, Russian planet for

Pskov Deputy from the party “Yabloko” Leo schloßberg in the newspaper “Pskov province” described several “closed” funeral of soldiers of the 76th Pskov airborne division, according to the newspaper, the victims in Ukraine. Soon after this policy was beaten. In response to his request, the Chief military Prosecutor’s office confirmed the death of 12 soldiers. On the basis of the document Schlossberg came to the conclusion that the soldiers were killed outside the places of permanent deployment, but information about the movement of troops, as stated in the reply of the military Prosecutor, is a state secret.

76th guards air assault division stationed in the Pskov region. Pskov paratroopers involved in the settlement of ethnic conflicts in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, the Baltics, Transdniestria, North and South Ossetia. From 1994 to 1995, the division participated in the armed conflict in the Chechen Republic. In 2008, soldiers of the division took part in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict. In August, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu thanked the guardsmen for their participation in the Crimea operation in 2014.

25 Aug 2014 — Stray Kostroma paratroopers

The security service of Ukraine (SBU) released footage of the interrogation of ten men stationed in Kostroma 331st guards airborne regiment arrested a day earlier near the village of Mirror amvrosievsky Donetsk region (36 km West from the Russian border).

98th guards airborne division stationed in the Ivanovo and Kostroma regions. Included in the division of 331-St regiment of the Kostroma participated in the resolution of ethnic conflicts in the Caucasus, Transnistria, Yugoslavia, North Ossetia. In 2008 the Kostroma paratroopers participated in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict.

According to the soldiers, they came for the battalion tactical exercises in the Rostov region, where they camped near the border. Some time later, the Marines were ordered to accompany the column with the technique. The border they crossed to unmarked plot and the same day were detained by the Ukrainian military. According to the Russian side, the paratroopers got lost during a training exercise and accidentally drove into the territory of Ukraine. Relatives of the military appealed to Vladimir Putin to return loved ones home. August 31 — after the talks the presidents of Russia and Ukraine in Minsk, the military gave Moscow. Later it became known about several victims of the August contract of the Kostroma regiment.

Photo: Ekaterina Kuzmina/

Where in Ukraine Russian soldiers in the investigation .

27 Aug 2014 — Search ordinary.

SBU announced the detention of another Russian soldier — a 19-year old Peter Khokhlov. Published by the office videos a native of the city of Novouzensk, Saratov region claims he is a soldier of the 9th separate motorized rifle brigade, stationed in Nizhny Novgorod. Identified him and confirmed the words of ordinary held together with hohlovym military service novel SUBCOM.

Soldiers in the video says he was accepted for military service on 22 may 2013 and 9 months later signed a contract on service in the 9th brigade. Two months later, his battalion were alerted, loaded on echelons and sent to the Rostov region. There is a part located in the forest. The story Khokhlova follows that learning about the reward, which supposedly get the militia, he decided voluntarily to leave the part and join them. August 8, Bureau colleague Ruslan Garafievym went AWOL and ended up in the Luhansk region. There near the village of Novosvitlivka on the 27th of August he fell into the hands of the Ukrainians.

In Russia, the soldier accused of desertion and was declared wanted. In January 2015, the American reporter Joshua Yaffa found Khokhlova in the Lugansk city of Stakhanov, in the ranks of the Cossack ataman Nikolay kozitsina. By this time the Ukrainian side exchanged his prisoners with the militia group of his soldiers. In February 2015, according to the responsible Secretary of the Union of committees of soldiers ‘ mothers of Russia Valentina Melnikova, the Ukrainians returned to the location in Nizhny Novgorod.

Photo: Oleg Yakovlev/

28 Aug 2014 — the return of the Ulyanovsk paratroopers

The correspondent of the Ukrainian TV channel “espresso TV” Yegor Vorobyov published online a story about the prisoners the soldiers of the 31st Separate air assault brigade (ODSHB) of the airborne troops of Russia, stationed in Ulyanovsk. On the recording paratroopers Ruslan Akhmetov and Arseniy Ilmitov told how arrived for training exercises in the Rostov region, and the next day was in the Ukraine. The video was recorded in the village Mnohopillya under Ilovaisk in the Donetsk region, where he was surrounded by fighters of Armed forces of Ukraine and volunteers of the national guard. As it became known later, Ulyanovsk paratroopers Ruslan Akhmetov and Arseniy Ilmitov, captured soldiers were surrounded under Ilovaisk volunteer battalion MIA “Dnepr-1”, survived and returned to the 31st ODSHB, and died during the break Ukrainians from the environment, as claimed by the command of the volunteer battalion. In August 31st ODSHB lost at least two soldiers-contract employees — ordinary Ilnur Kinchinbayeva from Bashkiria and Alexander Belozerov from the Ulyanovsk region. The death of local journalists confirmed to the relatives and representatives of the military.

2 Mar 2015 — Buryat tanker

The journalist of “Novaya Gazeta” Elena Kostyuchenko took in Donetsk the burn center to interview heavily charred contractor of the 5th tank brigade from Ulan-Ude Dorji Batmunkh, who said that he was wounded in February 2015 in a tank battle at debaltseve. In April 2015, radio “Liberty” reported that in the newspaper “New Buryatia” at the last moment before publication has removed an article about Batokunku, cut out with scissors from 50-thousand paper copies. In the article, which is preserved in the cache of the search engine Google, the mother of a soldier complained about the lack of assistance from the Ministry of defense of Russia.

May 16, 2015 — Fired GRU soldiers

In the Luhansk region, near the town of Happiness was arrested two Russians. The security Service of Ukraine said that Alexander Alexandrov and Evgeny Erofeev are active Russian soldiers — soldiers of the GRU, who conducted exploration on the boundary line. The Russian side has rejected the allegations, confirming only that both detainees are citizens of Russia. May 25, 2016 Alexander Yerofeyev and convicted in Ukraine for 14 years each, were sent to Russia in exchange for pardoned by President Vladimir Putin, Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko.

Evgeny Erofeev and Alexander Alexandrov (left to right)

Photo: Sergei Reznik/TASS

25 July 2015 — the Detainee mayor Starks

In the Donetsk region were detained “KAMAZ” with ammunition, accompanied by Vladimir Starkov, who called himself a major in the Russian army. The leadership of the DNI and the Russian Embassy in Ukraine has denied this information. In September Starkova was sentenced to 14 years “for participation in waging aggressive war against Ukraine”. 1 Dec 2015 traded it for a Ukrainian soldier.

Photo: Screenshot from Youtube

10 Jun 2015 — an Investigation by Sky News

The British TV channel Sky News published a story about the death of Russian special forces, perhaps, in the Ukraine. The film crew traveled to remote rural settlements in Tatarstan Republic, Tambov and Chelyabinsk regions to find the graves of three soldiers stationed in Tambov 16th brigade of the GRU — Anton Saveliev, Timur Mamayusupova and Ivan Kargapolova. All three graves were wreaths from the Ministry of defense and date of death — may 5, 2015. The photo in social networks, published shortly before that date, all three of them posed with the symbols of the separatists of the Luhansk people’s Republic on the background of the armored rebels.

Families Mamayusupova and Kargapolova military reported that their loved ones died “in the North Caucasus”, but without specifying a particular place. However, journalists were unable to find reports of deaths of Russian troops in the region. The villagers told the victims that he had heard of their sending to Ukraine. Colleagues and official representatives of the Ministry of defence refused to comment on the deaths of soldiers from the 16th brigade of the GRU.

21 November 2016 — the Detention of Russian soldiers in the “neutral zone” between Ukraine and Russia

Russian defense Ministry announced the arrest of Maxim Odintsov ensign and the younger Sergeant of contract service of Alexander Baranov. According to the Ministry they were “illegally arrested and deported from Crimea to the territory of the Nikolaev region (Ukraine).” The security service of Ukraine has confirmed their detention “we are Talking about two former Ukrainian military, who changed the oath and went to serve in the Russian army after the illegal annexation of Crimea”, — said the Agency. The decision of the Central district court of Nikolaev were arrested for two months. The head of the SBU Basil Gritsak admitted the possibility of exchange of the military.