Reuters learned of the supply of aviation fuel to Syria in circumvention of sanctions

Russia to bypass the EU sanctions were sent to Syria tankers full of jet fuel through the territorial waters of the European Union, reports Reuters, citing sources familiar with the situation.

According to the Agency, at least two ships under the Russian flag supplied via Cyprus, said a source in the intelligence service of one of the EU countries. According to him, in October delivery rose dramatically within one to two weeks, the tankers were taken to Syria, 20 thousand tons of fuel, worth approximately $9 million at current prices.

“Fuel supplies have played a vital role in the maintenance of Russian airstrikes in the region. It indicates the capacity of Russia’s resources necessary to sustain military operations and ambitions in Syria,” — said the source.

According to another source familiar with the movement of ships under the Russian flag, they came to Greek and Cypriot ports, before delivering fuel to Syria.

A third source, a consultant to the intelligence of one of the EU countries, specializing in the Mediterranean region, also expressed the opinion that the fuel was destined for the Russian and the Syrian military.

The Russian Ministry of defence and transport has not responded to the request, writes Reuters. The Agency also reported that declined to comment in defense of Greece. The government of Cyprus stated that it did not give permission carrying fuel for Russian ships to enter the docks of the state. “We will welcome any of the information provided about the actions which are contrary to restrictive measures of the EU”, — added the foreign Ministry of Cyprus.