Russia has deployed in the Kuril Islands and coastal missile systems

Russia has deployed in the Kuril Islands of Iturup and Kunashir coastal missile complexes “Bastion” and “Ball” respectively. This is stated in the newspaper of Pacific fleet “Fighting watch” from November 18.

When the complexes were placed there, is not specified. The publication indicated that on combat duty complexes are two divisions, one of which is on the island of Iturup — prepared “for the next shooting”.

Complexes “Ball” and “Bastion” is designed to control territorial waters and protection of the coast to desktopand directions.

On the eve of an informed source of “Interfax” reported that the missile complex “Bastion” became part of the missile compound of the Baltic fleet and will be deployed in the Kaliningrad region.

The Kuril Islands are disputed between Russia and Japan. After the Second world war, the Soviet Union and Japan never signed a peace Treaty, and signed only an armistice, which is still in effect.

In 1956, the parties signed a Declaration, according to which the Soviet Union is ready to transfer to Japan two of the Kuril Islands — Shikotan and Habomai after a peace Treaty. Russia confirmed this commitment.

Japan considers the disputed four Kuril Islands: Iturup, Kunashir, Shikotan and Habomai. Moscow insists that the South Kuril Islands became part of the Soviet Union at the end of the war and the Russian sovereignty over them appropriately decorated and there is no doubt.