Russian households for the year poorer by 15%

From mid-2015 to mid-2016, the wealth of Russian households has decreased by 14.4% — from $12,086 thousand to $10,344 thousand for each adult. This is stated in another study, the Global Wealth Report of Credit Suisse.

Overall household wealth over this period decreased by 15% from $1,324 billion in the middle of last year to $1,126 billion in the middle of this.

Non-financial assets total $10,183 thousand for each adult, financial — $2,197 thousand

The Bank estimates that one-tenth of Russian households owned 89% of the total wealth of households. This figure is much higher than in other economies: for example, in the United States is 78%, in China — 73%. The high concentration of resources in Russia leads to the fact that in the country in 2016 live 96 billionaires. More than in the US (582) and China (244), said the Bank.

The number of dollar millionaires in Russia for the year decreased by 16% from 94 thousand to 79 thousand.

Household wealth in Russia increased rapidly in the beginning of XXI century due to the fact that the country entered the global commodity markets. So, from 2000 to 2007, the wealth per adult has grown eight times, after 2007, growth slowed and became irregular, according to the study. The ruble against the dollar fell from $ 25 in 2007 to 34 RUB in the middle of 2014 and to 60 RUB at the end of 2014, in mid-2016, the dollar was worth RUB 64

Thus, in dollar terms, the welfare of Russian households since 2000 has increased from $2,940 to $10,340 per adult, however the actual level barely higher than ten years ago, highlights Credit Suisse.