The detention of the Russian military, the SBU has called Kiev’s answer to “saboteurs”

The capture of the saboteurs

Russian soldiers — warrant officer Maxim Odintsov and Sergeant Alexander Baranov was captured in the Crimea employees of the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) on Monday afternoon, 21 November, reported “RIA Novosti” with reference to a source in the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies. According to the interviewee, about ten days ago with the military was contacting people in the guise of representatives of Kharkiv University, which has offered money to buy diplomas. Exchange, the source said, was to take place in the neutral zone between the Russian and Ukrainian border posts. The Russian military were unarmed when entering the neutral zone took the soldiers of the Ukrainian special services.

Odintsov and Baranova lured to the checkpoint “Dzhankoi”, ostensibly to transfer documents on higher education, confirmed to TASS referring to the representative of the headquarters of the black sea fleet.

In turn, the head of the security service of Ukraine Vasily Gritsak has declared, “ex-soldiers-deserters” meant “corrupt bargain” and get the documents for the graduation to become officers in the Russian (quoted by “Interfax-Ukraine”). The chief of the SBU added that the secret service is looking for “deserters” not only are former Ukrainian military, but also from their own ranks.

Later, the Ukrainian secret service announced on its website the video of the detention of war between the Russian checkpoint “Dzhankoi” and Ukrainian “Chongar”. In the video between the stopped cars a scuffle, and then to fight the white van pulls up. In the next scene, an unnamed man says he is “till 2014 passed military service in the tenth M. [nersborg.] the team at the position of the skydiver”. “After 2014 signed a contract with the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation and took the oath,” he notes. Answering the question: “which oath?” he said, “the Oath of the Russian Federation”. “I realize and admit that I committed treason under the criminal code of Ukraine”, — he said.

“Unfortunately, we also have deserters who defected to the enemy. It is more than 1.3 thousand employees of the security Service of Ukraine, who served in the Crimean Chapter”, — said Hrytsak. According to him, the Agency is doing everything possible to attract them to criminal responsibility. On the website of the SBU also published photographs of the inside pages of the passports Maxim Odintsov and Alexander Baranov.

Symmetric provocation

The story of two detainees, the military security service was a continuation of the chain of spy scandals in the Peninsula. 10 November, the FSB announced the detention of alleged “Ukrainian saboteurs” in the Crimea, during the search they had discovered explosive devices and weapons. In August, the Russian security services also said on disclosure and the arrest of the Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance groups of seven people.

The actions of the SBU — a reaction to the two incidents with the detention by Russian security services alleged Ukrainian saboteurs in the Crimea, said a source close to Russian diplomatic circles. “This exchange of provocations as part of a hybrid war,” agreed one of the interlocutors in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. About the “symmetry of response,” says Ukrainian political analyst Vadim Karasev. “If Russia is not stopped, and it means that Ukraine does not need to stop. Needed a balanced answer to stop the search for saboteurs”, — he said .

Hrytsak did not rule out making the detainees at the border with the Crimea troops in the lists of “exchange of hostages”, but said that the fate of the detainees “will determine first the investigator in accordance with criminal procedure code, and then the judgment.”

The imminent release of military hardly wait is not worth it, said a source close to Russian diplomatic circles. According to him, in Ukrainian captivity is more than forty citizens of Russia and negotiate for their exchange “process is not fast”. The interlocutor repeats the official position of Russia, according to which the Minsk agreement in the Verkhovna Rada should adopt the law on the special status of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions for elections, and only then can you speak the speech about establishment of joint patrolling of the border. The release of the hostages on the principle of “all for all” is also one of the requirements of the Minsk Protocol, the source noted.

In the state Duma believe that the release of the two Russian military needs to connect foreign partners. “The investigation should take the most active part of the international human rights organization,” commented a member of the Duma Committee for international Affairs, United Russia Sergei Zheleznyak. “Everything is done that should be done in a similar situation,” commented the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. According to him, Odintsov and sheep are Russian citizens and it is “home.” Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the detention of the Russian military on the border of Crimea is “illegal provocation”, which makes “the intelligence agencies of Ukraine” on the territory of Russia (quoted by “Interfax”).

On the front

To a sharp aggravation of the military situation, the detention of two Russians in the Crimea failed, said the representative of the command headquarters of the antiterrorist operation in the East of Ukraine. “To say that it did something for no reason. Violation of the ceasefire regime, we fix daily, yesterday, including, recorded the use of “Grad”, but to say that the situation has deteriorated, I can’t,” he said.

Wednesday, November 23, in Minsk, there must take place another meeting of the Minsk contact group to resolve the situation in the Donbass. “We do not anticipate that today’s event will radically affect the course of negotiations. The work continues,” — said a source in the negotiating team.

The main topics of tomorrow’s meeting in Minsk, said that this will be the opening of the checkpoint “gold” on the line of contact in Luhansk region, said the representative of Ukraine in the Tripartite contact group in Minsk, Leonid Kuchma (quoted by “Ukrainian truth”).

Until the end of the year is also scheduled to meet in “Norman format” level of foreign Ministers. On the eve of information about it on the phone agreed German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, reported the press service of the Ukrainian leader.