The newest U.S. Navy destroyer broke in the Panama canal

The most expensive destroyer of naval forces of the United States USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) (“Zumwalt”) broke after just over a month after launching during the passage of the Panama canal, reports the American edition of Navy Times, citing a representative of the U.S. Third fleet Ryan Perry.

The incident occurred on Monday evening — according to the representative of the Navy, the newest destroyer was a problem with the Central power plant that supplies electricity for the engine and navigation systems and weapons of the ship.

The destroyer was towed to port PSA International terminal, which until 1999 was the largest in the region of the us naval base of Rodman. After repairs it will return to its home port of San Diego. The deadlines are not called.

Destroyer “Zumwalt” was officially launched on 15 October 2016 in Baltimore. He became the first of three ordered the US Navy ultra-modern ships in this class (the other two to be built later). The cost of developing new destroyers amounted to $10 billion Cost of construction of broken ship — $4 billion.

Futuristic craft to do with defending the ship from being detected with radar systems — these systems are used in the creation of stealth aircraft Stells. The crew is a maximum of 350 people — it’s quite a bit for the ships of this class. This is achieved through the automation of many processes.

The destroyer is armed with combat helicopters Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk and the MQ-8 Fire Scout. For warfare in the Arsenal of “Zumwalt” there are anti-submarine rockets, two artillery nose turret with a 155-millimeter guns with a design range of targets 150 km away. the Shells for these cannons weigh more than 100 kg and have 11 kg of explosive. In addition, the destroyer is equipped with two antiaircraft 57-mm of the complex with a rate of 220 rounds per minute and a range of anti-aircraft shells to 15 km, and 80 cells capable of launching cruise missiles “Tomahawk”.