Putin threatened to fire have become academicians of RAS officials

Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized government officials who, contrary to his prohibition, became academicians and corresponding members of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). His dissatisfaction with the head of state expressed at the meeting of the Council for science and education.

At meeting Putin has demanded from the head of the RAS Vladimir Fortov to explain why the number of academics were taken, some officials from the Administration of the President, some ministries and the FSB. FORTS assured the President that the applicants met all requirements.

“So they are great scientists, right? I think I’ll have to give them the opportunity to do science, because, apparently, their scientific activity is much more important than the performance of some routine administrative duties in the organs of power and administration,” — said the Russian President (quoted by TASS).

Putin did not mention any specific names, but said that among civil servants who become employees of RAS, were officials from the Ministry of education, Ministry of internal Affairs, the Department of defense and some other agencies.

The President recalled that last year he asked his colleagues and the President of the Academy of Sciences to refrain from participating in the elections of new staff of RAS, as, in his opinion, the officials should be engaged in their direct duties. The head of state expressed the opinion that officials “to engage in scientific research can only free time, which for people who conscientiously work in administrative positions, they don’t actually have”.

“Why did you do it? They are the major scientists that without them the Academy of Sciences cannot do? And the second question: what do I do now?”, — asked Putin President of the Russian Academy of Sciences.