The European Parliament adopted a resolution on countering Russian propaganda

The European Parliament on Wednesday adopted a resolution to counter the propaganda of third countries, including Russia. The document was supported by the majority of deputies.

The resolution States that Russia provides financial support to European opposition political parties and organizations, uses the factor of bilateral interstate relations to divide members of the European community.

The document States that Moscow will introduce in relation to the EU “hostile propaganda”. Information threat for the EU, according to the authors of the resolution, are, RT, Sputnik news Agency, the Fund “Russian world” and the “Rossotrudnichestvo” (an Agency under the foreign Ministry).

The author of the resolution is the Deputy from Poland, Anna Fotyga, she is in the group of European conservatives and Poland is a member of the conservative party “law and justice”.

The resolution, which is not of a binding EU authorities of the nature, encourages the EU to more vigorously fight the signs of propaganda, not forgetting the principle of freedom of speech.

The resolution recommends that “a task force for strategic communications in the East” (East StratCom Task Force), turning it into a full-fledged Department in the European external action service (EEAS, the actual foreign Ministers of the EU)

East StratCom there is just over a year. At the moment in East StratCom has 11 permanent employees from different countries of Europe, heads the structure of the British diplomat Giles Portman, who previously headed the Turkish Department of the EEAS. The operational group is designed to solve three tasks: to provide information support policy of the EU towards the Eastern partnership countries, support in these countries, independent media, and to resist “foreign disinformation”.