Trump expressed a preference for direct elections before the of electoral College

The US President-elect Donald trump admitted that he was never a fan of the existing States of the electoral system. He admitted that at the meeting with the staff of the newspaper The New York Times, broadcast on Twitter which led the team edition.

“I would prefer to win the popular vote,” said trump. “I think we would have acted the same or better,” he said, adding that “never was a fan of the electoral College”.

Trump won the last 8 November in the U.S. election with 290 electoral votes with 270 needed. His rival from the Democratic party, Hillary Clinton received only 218 votes. At the same time, the data calculations that led to the publication Politico, showed that Clinton was ahead of trump by more than 1 million ballots of the voters.

Last week it was reported that the U.S. Senate introduced a bill to abolish the electoral College and the U.S.’s transition to the direct election of the President. The document introduced by the Senator from California Barbara boxer.

Then the FoxNews channel had said that the chances of the bill in Congress, where most Republicans are too small. Also the initiative has obstacles in the form of utverjdenie three fourths of the American States within seven years after the adoption. This is necessary because you will need put the amendments to the Constitution.