Clinton is ahead of trump by 2 million votes

Republican Donald trump has won the US presidential election and his inauguration will take place in January 2017, however, according to the latest data published by independent analysts from The Cook Political Report, trump has secured the support of 62,2 million American voters, and Clinton — 64,2 million people, transmits Bi-bi-si.

CNN cites several other figures of 62.1 million from trump and 63.9 million from Clinton according to the evening of 23 November.

During the voting in the presidential election of November 8, operated by a bipartisan Board of electors, their votes were taken into account when calculating the results. At the expense of the populous States, which delegate more electors in the College, Tram scored more than the required 270 electoral votes and won the presidential race.

Earlier on Thursday, November 24, the Associated Press reported that a group of deputies called on Clinton to initiate a recount in the States of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. According to lawyers, the outcome of the election in these States could affect cyber-attacks. AP, in turn, notes that evidence that the hackers ‘ actions could affect the outcome of the counting of votes, no.

Separation of tramp from Clinton, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, where traditionally support Democrats was extremely low, the Agency noted.

In U.S. history there were four cases when presidents have been candidates who lost by the number of votes. In particular, in 2000 George W. Bush became the head of state, although albert Gore voted to 544 thousand voters more.

In the nineteenth century had such a bad experience with presidents John Quincy Adams, Rutherford Hayes and Benjamin Harrison.