EU concerned supplies of Russian aviation fuel to Syria

The EU is concerned about the supply of Russian aviation fuel to Syria and discuss the issue, said a source to Reuters. The reason for this was the resolution adopted by the European Union two years ago, prohibiting the supply to Syria of all types of aviation fuel from the territory of the EU regardless of the country of origin of the goods.

According to officials, at least two Russian vessels with jet fuel docked at the port of Cyprus and Greece, which are EU members. In this regard, officials in Brussels have launched an investigation. A request to the Commissioner of EU on foreign policy on the subject has sent a member of the European Parliament from the Democratic party of the Netherlands Marietje Shaake.

The government of Cyprus stated that permission for entering the country’s ports going to Syria the Russian ships were not received. In Greece a request by Reuters from the Ministry of foreign Affairs forwarded to the Ministry of the merchant fleet, where the answer did not come.