Erdogan responded to the suspension of negotiations on Turkey’s membership in the EU

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, commenting on the adopted by the European Parliament resolution on the suspension of negotiations on Turkey’s accession to the EU, said Ankara’s “open door” to Europe for immigrants if the EU will continue a hostile policy against the country, reports Reuters.

“You didn’t keep your promise. When the 50 thousand refugees came over the border, in Europe began to worry what would happen if Ankara opens the gate of their checkpoint. If you go further, we will open the doors at the border. Neither I, nor my people, not impressed with these threats”, — quotes the words of Erdogan, the Hurriyet Daily News.

He added that the unanimous support of European Parliament resolution calling on to “freeze” negotiations on Turkey’s membership of the EU “doesn’t matter”.

The European Parliament on 24 November voted unanimously for a resolution urging the European Commission and governments of member countries of the European Union to suspend negotiations with Turkey on its accession to the Union because of the “disproportionate reaction” of Ankara’s failed attempt of a military coup in July 2016.

“The European Parliament <…> strongly condemns the disproportionate repressive measures taken by Turkey in connection with the failed coup attempt”, — was stated in the resolution, which is Advisory in nature.

Informed that the resolution of the European parliamentarians “has no legal force,” said in an interview with Anadolu Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu. He explained that Turkey is ready to take any constructive decision of the EU institutions and “objective criticism”, but would oppose if they detect a bias towards themselves.

Erdogan has repeatedly expressed his dissatisfaction with the reaction of Western countries to events in the capital of the country in July 2016, criticizing them for supporting terrorism and a military coup and stating that those who worry about the fate of the rebels, can’t be friends with Ankara.

In addition, in November, Erdogan said that he discussed with the presidents of Russia and Kazakhstan with the possibility of joining the Shanghai cooperation organization. According to him, this step will enable Turkey to obtain more freedom of action regardless of, enter it in the EU or not.

That in Turkey there was a coup attempt, reported on 15 July, the Prime Minister Binali Yildirim. He said that a group of soldiers attempted to overthrow the government and declared that the authorities managed to keep control of the situation. Earlier Turkish media reported about the shooting in Ankara, the tanks at the airport of Ataturk and military helicopters in the skies over the Turkish capital.

Ankara considers the main instigator of the military coup living in the United States Turkish writer and former preacher Fethullah Gulen. In turn, he denies his involvement in the organization of the coup.