Golodets took two years for the liquidation of debts on wages

On the solution of the accumulated employers with arrears of wages will take at least two years, said Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets reporters on Friday.

“If we can nullify the wage arrears? Probably, this will require at least two years. This is a very old debt, they have a very complicated financial nature,” she said (quoted by “RIA Novosti”). Golodets noted that during the November 25 conference call under the leadership of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev relevant agencies have been instructed within a month to prepare “clear proposals” to address this problem.

Earlier Friday, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said the question of payment of arrears of salary “extremely resonant” theme and urged heads of regions to take it under personal control.

During selector meeting with heads of regions and representatives of the government Medvedev noted that nationwide the number of those who can’t obtain from the employer the payment of their money, are small, but the total amount of indebtedness does not exceed 1% of payroll. But even a slight delay, according to Medvedev, “there can be no excuses”.

“We remember the 1990s, when business owners solve their financial problems at the expense of workers, and debts were calculated in months. Such periods of return can not be”, — said the head of government.

He also recalled that the government approved the plan against non-payment of wages, so that employers who delay payments, now fine (and in case of repeated violation the fine increases), and the size of compensation to employees increased. “But if the problem persists, it means that the measures taken are insufficient and need more steps,” — said Medvedev.

According to Golodets, during the meeting Medvedev supported the proposal of the trade unions on raising the priority of repayment of debts on wages in case of bankruptcy of the companies. Under the current rules of the bankrupt’s assets are repaid at the same time as wage arrears, and arrears of taxes and insurance premiums.

“The trade Union side proposes to designate the primacy of the wage before tax and insurance payments. The Prime Minister instructed to study this opportunity,” — said the Deputy Prime Minister (quoted by TASS).

In addition, the authorities intend to consider the creation of special social funds, which would repay wage arrears to workers of bankrupt enterprises even before the completion of bankruptcy proceedings, whereas now they have to wait for its completion months or even years.

“That’s why there was a proposal to create an independent funds in order to pay, and then assign, that is, the plaintiff becomes the Foundation that ensures the repayment of debt on a salary, and he will request these funds from the bankrupt enterprise,” — said Golodets (quoted by “Interfax”).

According to Rosstat, on November 1, 2016 total amount of wage arrears was made in Russia to approximately 3.79 billion rubles., the total number of affected workers was estimated at 70.3 thousand. The main reason for non-payment of wages remains the lack of enterprises ‘ own funds, the debt incurred due to late receipt of funds from budgets of all levels is estimated by Rosstat only 93.64 million rubles (about 2.5% of the total debt).

For the first ten months of 2016, the total wage arrears increased in Russia on average by 6.1%, but in some regions the increase was much stronger. In particular, in the Tula region, the debt has increased more than five times, in Kaliningrad — more than forty times, and in Moscow — more than ninety times.