Moscow to introduce patents to the owners of vending machines

Moscow to introduce patents to the owners of vending machines

Moscow. 23 Nov. Capital entrepreneurs next year will be able to purchase the patents for the sale of goods through vending machines, the press service of the Department of economic policy and development of Moscow on Wednesday.

“The relevant law is adopted the Moscow city Duma at the next meeting on Wednesday. Proposed by the government of Moscow and the capital’s Parliament adopted changes expand the list of activities in respect of which can be applied patent system of taxation”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

He explained that the activity in respect of which applies the patents – trade through vending machines (vending). The cost of the document is set to the minimum for Moscow level – 1650 roubles a month.

According to the head of Department of economic policy and development Maxim Reshetnikov, a new kind of patent is a response to the requests of organizations involved in automated trading. According to him, the amendments create additional conditions for development and legalization of the growing sector of the vending trade.

Patents for taxi drivers and landlords

Will also be simplified procedures for self employed taxi drivers: when you save the value of the patent at a minimum removed the reference of the patent to the specific vehicle. These changes take into account the specifics of the transport market, where a single driver can be few cars of taxis.

In addition, the Department noted that approved by the deputies of the city Duma the offer of the government of Moscow, will require a differentiation of the value of the patent on the delivery of non-residential premises.

In the framework of the current gradation of separated space from 100 to 300 square meters. This is potentially the most promising segment, which will include small shops and offices. To increase the attractiveness of patents for the lease of commercial areas introduced an additional category – from 100 to 200 square meters. The value of patents in this segment will decrease from 1.5 to 3 – fold-from 15 thousand roubles a month to 5250, or 11250 7500 rubles, depending on the area of the city.

Differentiation of cost has a patent for the lease of non-residential premises depending on the area of the city – similar to the patent on the rent of apartments is also provided for the first time. “The government of Moscow has once again confirmed its willingness to hear the opinions of entrepreneurs, to take into account the specifics of their activities. Extension of the list of activities that are subject to patents, and establishing thereon an affordable cost will become another element of the support system for small business, which built the city”, – said Reshetnikov.