Putin made a law on compulsory interpretations of the constitutional court

Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted to the state Duma a bill that prohibits the use of regulations or their individual provisions if their interpretation is at odds with the content of the decision of the constitutional court. The project involves the introduction of a new species of decisions of the constitutional court. Card bill appeared in the database of the legislative activities of the lower house on Thursday evening, November 24.

The bill proposes a new view of the decision taken by the Constitutional court on the results of consideration of the case about the verification of constitutionality of a normative act of a public authority or agreement between bodies of state power. The COP will have the opportunity to issue decisions on the recognition of a normative act or Treaty consistent with the Constitution but in the interpretation given by the Constitutional court.

In the case of adoption of such resolution in the application of the respective normative act or Treaty excludes any other their interpretation stated in the draft law.