Russia demanded from Ukraine to give up the missile firing

The defense Ministry expressed protest in connection with the introduction of the Kiev illegal restrictions on the use of airspace over the Black sea, reports “RIA Novosti”.

The defense Ministry stressed that Kiev declared a “South-Eastern border of the danger zone break limit of the territorial sea of the Russian Federation, which is a violation of international law and Russian legislation”. Attaché, defense, Embassy of Ukraine invited the defense Ministry to hand a protest note.

“24 Nov, 2016 to the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation was invited by attache of defense at the Embassy of Ukraine in the Russian Federation for the delivery of military-diplomatic note. Passed on to it from the document protesting the Russian defense Ministry in connection with the introduction of the Ukrainian side of illegal restrictions on the use of 1 and 2 December 2016 airspace over the Black sea to the West coast of the Crimean Peninsula to “conduct missile firings”, — stated in the message Department.

The Federal air transport Agency informed on Friday said that Russia sent to Kiev to immediately halt actions associated with plans of rocket firings into airspace nelco from the Crimea. The Agency also reported about a possible on a possible ban on flights around Crimea if the Ukrainian government will not cancel the decision to hold rocket fire in the area of Simferopol. As noted in the Agency, Federal air transport Agency November 24, the Ukrainian government issued an aviation notice (NOTAMS) about activating danger zones in the airspace in connection with the planned on 1 and 2 December 2016 launches. The Federal air transport Agency said that the Ukrainian side had not agreed to the publication of the notification or the Russian relevant authorities, nor with the Russian air navigation service provider.

The General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine (APU) declined to comment on details of the plans of Kiev to conduct a unilateral missile firing.