The Kremlin has responded to the threat Klintsevich to aim nuclear weapons at NATO

The Kremlin called the “clear” position first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee Franz Klintsevich that Russia could target its nuclear weapons on the targets of NATO in response to the aggressive actions of the Alliance. This was stated press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, reports “Interfax”.

According to him, Russian lawmakers “have a right to their point of view, they quickly respond to international developments, the expansion of NATO towards the Russian borders, the expansion of NATO’s military infrastructure”. “Therefore, this position is clear”, — said Peskov.

However, he noted that according to the Constitution, lawmakers “do not define the foreign policy of Russia, determined by the President of Russia.”

The statement that Russia would aim its nuclear weapons at targets NATO, Franz Klintsevich made yesterday, November 24. According to him, it will be done “in response to the aggressive actions of NATO, the attempts of the Alliance to attract new members”. From Russia to these actions “will follow a strict and unambiguous answer,” he added.

“We are targeting your weapons, including atomic, to any threatening us objects of the Alliance, wherever they are located,” — said Klintsevich.

The Senator also said that he meant under the phrase “nuclear weapons”. “We are talking about a nuclear warhead that can be placed on the media in the terrestrial fixed, mobile, Maritime and air weapons,” he said.

“To rattle nuclear weapons — the last thing”, said in late October at a plenary session of the discussion club “Valdai” Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to him, is “harmful rhetoric”. “I do not welcome it”, — added the President.

However, he said that “we should proceed from reality, to assume that nuclear weapons are a deterrent and a factor in ensuring peace and security in the world”.

According to the US President, Barack Obama, Russia is not interested in reducing nuclear weapons. The corresponding statement he made in may 2015. The us President recalled that in 2009, at the beginning of his presidential term, he signed an agreement with Russia on reducing offensive nuclear weapons start-3. In the opinion of the elected President of the United States, Donald trump, Russia “is expanding its [nuclear capability]”. This he said during a debate with another candidate, Hillary Clinton. “They have more opportunities than us,” said trump.