The thesis will consider Medina clashed with him the head of the state Archives

Conflict with the state Archives

The Presidium of the Higher attestation Commission determined Friday, November 25, a new dissertation Council, which will consider the scientific work of the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, according to two sources familiar with the work of the Commission. According to them, within two months of the official thesis will be examined at the meeting of the academic Council of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov with the code D 501.001.72.

In April, the community “Discerned” Ivan Babitsky filed in the Ministry of education the statement with the requirement to deprive Medina of a degree. On the website “Discarnate” States that in Medina the thesis “Problems of objectivity in the coverage of Russian history in the second half of the XV—XVII centuries” the Minister “misled members of the expert Council of VAK”, as incorrectly stated the number of publications to his scientific work and was not informed about the modern bibliography on your topic.

First, the case of the thesis was to examine 4 Oct dissertation Council of the Ural Federal University, then the consideration was postponed. Later, HAC withdrew from the dissertation Council of the Ural Federal University the consideration of the case about deprivation of the Medina degree.

Dissertation Council D 501.001.72 belongs to the historical faculty of Moscow state University. He examines the work in the field of “national history” and “Historiography, source studies and methods of historical research”. The Commission included supervisor of the State archives of Russia (GARF), Sergei Mironenko.

Until March 2016 Mironenko has held the position of head Harfa, but left this position after a public conflict with Medina. The cause of the conflict was the fact that the state Archives has declassified documents, including those relating to the history of 28 characters Panfilov. He Mironenko called this story a myth. In response, the Minister urged the leadership of the state Archives to carry out their profession and to give their own assessments of archival documents.

28 Panfilov: the truth and myths of the main military blockbuster of the year

24 Nov in hire leave “28 Panfilov”. With the help of military re-enactors on the screen restored every detail of the event which, according to historians, never happened. A record 35 million rubles for the production of the film gathered by crowdfunding, and the Russian Minister of culture so much praised film that got lost in the camp vocabulary.

Video: Channel

“We tried never to interfere in the work of archives is a complex matter that is best left to professionals. But there is a question of what archivists should be doing. In what the state pays them money, not to explore related jobs” — quoted Medina TASS. The Minister noted that the head of the Russian archives “is not a writer, not a journalist, not a fighter against the historical falsifications”.

A scientific argument

“There is no scientific dispute is a political dispute. The objectivity of historical science — it’s ridiculous. Objectivity is value-based, and then the question — domestic values profess or someone else’s?”, — said the ex-Senator Yevgeny Tarlo, earlier predstavki interests of the head of the Ministry of culture in the dissertation. In his opinion, Medina chose to cast aspersions on the government. Press Secretary of the Minister was asked to send the request.

“This is not the merit of “Discerneth”, and the historical community, which decided to take up the case of Medina,” said the founder of the community of Evangelista.

28 October, Russian academics, members of the “Club July 1”, he supported the demands to deprive of a scientific degree Medina. In the appeal, they stressed that “the unprecedented intervention of the leadership of the WAC in the professional examination of the thesis discreditied the entire system of scientific promotion in Russia.” The document was signed by 24 people. “The club on 1 July” — an informal Association of academicians and corresponding members, who disagree with the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The head of the RAS Vladimir Fortov, in turn, said that a letter in support of the requirement to deprive of a scientific degree does not reflect the official position of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In the Kremlin declined to comment on the appeal of the academicians to deprive Medina of a degree. As a result of the investigation “Discerneth” doctorate lost richat Abubakirov, then the Deputy of the Duma, Vladimir Platonov, at that time speaker of the Moscow city Duma.