Iran has allowed the return of Russian air force base in Hamadan

According to the Iranian Tasnim News Agency, Iranian defense Minister General Dehghan has not ruled out the possibility of using Russian military air base in the province of Hamadan. According to him, Tehran is ready to cooperate with Moscow that will allow us to support the legitimate government of Syria.

The reaction of the Russian military in a statement Degana is not followed.

Videoconferencing Russia has used a base in Hamadan in August of this year, but then left her for “a misunderstanding” which had arisen between the parties.

The source of the newspaper “Kommersant” explained that the differences appeared due to the fact that Moscow hopes to use Iranian air force base as a full-fledged military facility and had intended to place there military Arsenal. Tehran, however, this option did not suit. Dehghan then accused the Russian military in “a bit of posturing and ungentlemanly behavior.”

Based in Hamadan were to be placed strategic bombers Tu-22M3 and multifunctional su-34 involved in the raids on terrorist positions in Syria.