Military-industrial Bank was suspected of cancellation of 6 billion rubles from investors

Military-industrial Bank (VPB), in September denied a license, illegally wrote off about 6.3 billion rubles from the accounts of depositors, set assigned to the Bank a temporary administration in the course of generating the register of liabilities to depositors. On Thursday, the Bank of Russia. According to the report, the interim administration argues that the Bank’s management let her work: in particular, they did not submit the originals of all loan agreements and electronic data base on the operations of the Bank.

The regulator noted that it had submitted this information to the Prosecutor General, interior Ministry and the Investigative Committee.

Now a temporary administration together with the Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) retrieve information about customer accounts of the Military-industrial Bank to Deposit them in the register of liabilities, the report says CB.

The interim administration has evaluated the negative capital of the Bank in RUB 27.3 billion (obligations to creditors is estimated at 38 billion rubles., assets — RUB 10.7 billion), the report says. In September, the Bank of Russia estimated the hole in the capital of the Military-industrial Bank at 6.7 billion rubles.

Military-industrial Bank in the first half of 2016 took the 98-th place by assets among Russian banks in the ranking “Interfax-100”. On August 1, the volume of funds of physical persons in the Bank’s balance sheet amounted to 30 billion rubles.

VPB began to experience problems in the summer. In late August, the Central Bank ordered the Bank to dosdat reserves of 6 billion rubles, which the Bank was forced to establish a 50% reserve is almost half of the loan portfolio. 7 Sep VPB has suspended the issuance of deposits, and on 9 September, the Central Bank took him off its electronic payment system (BESP). On 16 September the Central Bank introduced a temporary administration VPB, and ten days later revoked his license. The regulator has sent to Arbitration court of Moscow the statement for recognition of the Bank bankrupt.

The largest shareholders VPB was Alexander Kachur (he owned 18.8 per cent of shares), Basil Nosal (20.6%) and Mkrtich, Pichikian (6,6%) and “Camelot” (7.3%) and Rodos (7.1 percent).