The ex-the candidate in presidents of the United States filed a complaint against the election results

Former candidate for US presidents from the green party, Jill Stein filed a petition to review the election results in Wisconsin. It is reported by CNN.

Election Commission of Wisconsin announced that it had received the petition. Stein in his Twitter account said that a recount in Wisconsin will begin next week. November 25 was the deadline for filing a complaint against the election results in this state, the results of which USA will be headed by the candidate of the Republican party, Donald trump.

Stein has also promised to submit a petition demanding the revision of votes in the States of Michigan and Pennsylvania. The deadline for filing with the Michigan — November 30, Pennsylvania — 28 Nov.

CNN notes that, even if the former candidate of the green Party will seek a recount in those three States, it is unknown whether they have enough quantity to review the outcome of the election. Trump is ahead of Clinton by 60 thousand votes in Pennsylvania, the TV channel. CNN also adds that, when in 2000 there was a recount in Florida in the election of the President of the United States, the difference with the initial value was 537 votes.