The media learned about the role of Obama in recognition of Clinton’s defeat in the elections

US President Barack Obama on the night of the presidential election called Hillary Clinton and convinced her to admit her defeat in the elections. This writes The Hill, citing not yet published a book about US presidential election 2016.

As writes the edition, the authors — a reporter for the Hill in the White house Amy Parns and Jonathan Allen cite three sources familiar with the situation. “You must admit,” said Obama’s former Secretary of state when Clinton herself, her family and aides watching the results in key States — Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

“A turning point” for the race, according to the newspaper, were announced Pennsylvania numbers after 1:30 Washington time, after which it became clear that trump scored required to win 270 electoral votes. Ultimately, Clinton followed the advice of Obama and in the night of Wednesday, November 9, called Trump, to admit defeat.

One of the sources said that there was a lot of discussion about how could the results in Michigan and Wisconsin to change in favor of Clinton. The final difference in votes, according to a source, was so small that Clinton probably would not accept defeat without pressure from Obama.

Obama’s call to admit defeat, according to sources, “has left a bitter taste among some supporters of Clinton”, who believed that she had to wait as long as possible. The newspaper reminds that the head of the election headquarters Clinton John Podesta went to make a statement before the Clinton supporters, urging them to go to bed and wait for the official results.

After he returned, Clinton decided to put an end to intra-party disputes over the election results, insisting on calling Trump, the newspaper writes. “Just give me the phone. I’ll call him [Trump],” — leads edition of the words of Clinton, who, it was alleged that she uttered in despair.

One of the sources also said that currently between camp Obama and Clinton are fighting for something, support the initiative for a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The initiative made earlier by the head of the green Party Jill Stein.

Review a White house publication could not be obtained.