Washington has ruled out Russia’s influence on the outcome of the US presidential elections

The US government did not observe increased malicious cyberactivity November 8, and considers the recent presidential election “free and fair from the point of view of cybersecurity”. This is stated in the statement of the high-ranking source in administration of the President of the United States, which was published in the New York Times.

It clarifies the issue, it received this statement in response to the request about the investigation conducted by the Federal government, about the cleanness of the elections.

“The Kremlin apparently expected the public outcry that followed initiated by the Russian government disclosures related to electronic letters to American officials and organizations, including political, would cast doubt on the reliability of the electoral process, undermining the legitimacy of the elected President. However, we are confident in the election results and believe they reflect the will of the American people,” — said in a statement.

It also says that “the Federal government did not observe elevated levels of malicious cyberactivity aimed at undermining the electoral process on election day”. “We believe that our elections were free and fair from the standpoint of cyber security,” presented in the statement of the words of a senior source.

The statement also said that Washington does not know whether planned Russia cyber attacks on election day or “canceled them due to various warnings that have emanated from the American government.”