Assistant trump said of his regular consultations with Obama

President-elect Donald trump after winning the elections, regularly consults with President Barack Obama, a long time discussing with him various issues, told CNN assistant trump Kelleen Conway.

According to her, trump and Obama communicate constantly, in particular, the President-elect consulted with Obama after the death of Cuban leader Fidel Castro. For example, on Saturday, November 26, their conversation lasted for 45 minutes, Conway refused to tell what other topics were discussed Obama and trump.

“After trump won the election, they talked for about 30 hours. They regularly communicate on a variety of topics,” said Conway.

Conway noted that the elected and incumbent presidents do not always coincide in their assessments.

“I can tell from the outside elected President of the trump that he liked to talk with President Obama to discuss the serious issues facing our country and the world,” she said. “They get along well although we do not agree on many issues. This will not change,” said Conway.

November 26, after reports of the death of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, Obama made a statement. “We Express our condolences to the family of Fidel Castro. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Cuban people”, — stated in it. According to the President, the Cuban people should know that “the United States is their friend and partner”.

At the same time, trump called Castro “a brutal dictator”. “Today the whole world is discussing the demise of a brutal dictator that oppressed his people for six decades. While Cuba remains an island of totalitarianism, I hope this day will mark the transition from the horrors that lasted too long, a future in which a beautiful Cuban people will finally be free, he so justly deserves,” — said in a statement, the elected President of the United States.

Already next day after elections on 8 November, President Obama promised to ensure a successful and smooth transfer of power to the winning Trump, despite their differences with him. “I want to make sure that devolution succeeds, because ultimately we are all on the same team, — said Obama. — I have instructed my team to work to ensure a successful transfer of power to an elected President.”

He also added that he will do everything possible for the success of the elected President of the United States. “Now we are all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country” — said Obama.

After a personal meeting with trump, Obama confirmed his intention. Moreover, he said he was willing to expedite the effective transfer of power to an elected President. “My team is ready to accelerate the next steps for the smooth transfer of power,” Obama said at a press conference.

Obama noted that he sends US Trump in better condition than it has taken the country by myself. “We are undoubtedly in a better position than they were when I took over eight years ago,” said the US President.