Fillon took first place in the primaries the conservatives in France

As reported by Reuters, during the second round Fillon received the support of 68.4% of participants in the primaries. His opponent — former Prime Minister Alain Juppe scored 31.6 percent. It is estimated more than 50% of the ballots.

Juppe has already conceded defeat and promised to support Fillon during the election campaign next year.

Even in the summer it Juppe is seen as the main contender for victory in the primaries the conservatives, and his opponent called former President Nicolas Sarkozy. However, Fillon successfully had a campaign in the first round received more than 43% of the vote. Juppe by a large margin was the second, and Sarkozy dropped out of the race and announced his retirement from politics.

Fillon is known as a supporter of tough measures in the economy and improve relations with Russia. He said he does not intend to change relations with the United States, however, the current position of Washington in relation to Moscow described as “absurd”.

The primary system the Republicans have introduced this year. To vote they must have the right to vote, pay €2 and sign the “Manifesto of right-wing values.”

The main rivals, the center-right in the election, expected to become the candidate of the ruling socialists, and the leader of the right-wing conservative “National front” marine Le Pen. Polls show that she is the main applicant for participation in the second round of the presidential election. In October—November, its popularity has hovered around 30%.