La Stampa published an article on Putin’s c call to trust Russia

In an article published in La Stampa, said that created during the cold war NATO has not been adapted to the new conditions, despite all the statements.

The current system of international relations is constantly reeling, but some partners of Russia does not seek to solve global problems, noted in the article, signed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

“We all see what is happening in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and many other countries. I wonder: where the results of the fight against terrorism and extremism? Overall, if we look at the world, at the regional level, in some areas, we have achieved certain results but the struggle against terrorism overall was not successful, and the threat continues to grow,” — says the article.

The publication is a translation of a part of Putin’s speech at the Valdai forum on international issues. In this part of his speech, the President said: “the Contradictions associated with the redistribution of economic power and political influence increase, the burden of mutual mistrust reduces our ability to respond effectively to facing the world of real challenges and real threats.”

According to Putin, this situation was the result of “erroneous, rash, and somewhat opinionated choices made by elites in some States a quarter of a century ago.” “Considering themselves winners in the cold war — not believing, and we heard directly thinking about it, some countries chose to start a “facelift” of the world political and economic order for themselves, for their interests”, — Putin said.

The paper ends with a passage about the sovereignty of Putin and Russia’s role in the world.

“We have no doubt, the sovereignty is the Central concept of the entire system of international relations. His respect, strengthening is the key to peace, stability and national and international level. Countries that, like Russia, can draw on a thousand years of history, in the world a lot, and we learned to appreciate their identity, freedom and independence. We neither aspire to global dominance, nor to expansion of some kind, no confrontation with anyone,” — said Putin.

“In our understanding of true leadership today is not to invent ephemeral threats and capitalizing on them to try to subjugate the others, and to see the real problems, to help unite the efforts of States in addressing them. And so today Russia understands its role in world Affairs”, — concluded the President of Russia.

13th annual meeting of the International discussion club “Valdai” ended in Sochi on October 27. The theme of the conference was announced as “the Future starts today: outlines of tomorrow”, and the final event is traditionally was the plenary meeting with participation of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Participants of the panel discussion in addition to Putin were made by the former President of Finland Tarja Halonen, former President of Austria Heinz Fischer and the former head of South Africa Thabo Mbeki. The moderator of the discussion was Professor of Harvard University Timothy Colton.

In his speech, Putin called for a return to the UN Charter as the cornerstone of international relations and condemned the West for “flirting with terrorists.”