Retail gasoline prices fell for the first time since February

Consumer prices for gasoline and diesel fuel in October 2016 fell 0.1%, follows from the materials of Rosstat (.doc). According to the Ministry, to the end of the month, the national average cost of one liter of diesel fuel was at the pump Russia of 35.53 rubles, the average price of a liter of gasoline – 36,22 RUB.

The decline in retail gasoline prices recorded by Rosstat for the first time since February of 2016. Then prices also fell 0.1%, after which for six months has been constantly growing: in March and April by 0.8% in may and 0.1% in June and July — by 1%, in August — by 0.2%. According to Rosstat, the growth of gasoline prices stopped in September.

In October Rosstat recorded a decline in retail gasoline prices in 34 regions of the country, with the greatest fall in prices was in the TRANS-Baikal territory (minus 1.3 percent), Altai (minus 1.2%) and Tuva (minus 1%). Rising prices at the pump continued in nine regions, including Yakutia (+1.3%) and Kaliningrad oblast (+1%). In Moscow consumer prices of gasoline for October was down 0.1%, in St.-Petersburg has not changed.

In General, from the beginning of 2016 gasoline at the pump Russia grew on average by 3.4%, while for January—October 2015, the growth amounted to 5.7%.

The most expensive liter of gasoline AI-95 by the end of October 2016 cost Chukotka (56 rubles), the cheapest — in the Kurgan region (35,79 RUB).

In September, the President of the Russian fuel Union Yevgeny Arkusha said that before the end of the year, gasoline prices at retail will not grow and may even, albeit marginally, to fall, if continued decline of wholesale prices. If the fall in wholesale prices continues, then retail gasoline prices in December could fall by 5 to 20 kopecks. per liter, noted analyst of the company “Algorithm fuel integrator” Victor Kostyukov.