The defense Ministry told about the conversion of base Hamim

The Russian military command told about the expansion of infrastructure logistics groups in Syria and improving living conditions of military personnel stationed there. In 2016 on the basis of Hamim in Syria was erected kitchens, baths, warehouses, ring road, Parking for equipment and other facilities, including a complete military town with infrastructure. About the report about results of work of system of logistics of the Armed forces in 2016, said Deputy Russian defense Minister army General Dmitry Bulgakov.

“This year, in addition to the already established on the base Hamim infrastructure was put into operation three canteens (flight, technical, non-commissioned officers and privates), a centralized fuel tanker (refueling aircraft 20 at the same time), built and operated two fixed baths (officers and ratings), a warehouse of clothing and equipment, food warehouse and storage-a refrigerator, equipped with Parking technical means of logistics (fuel, food and clothing services),” he listed built this year in Hamima objects Bulgakov.

Among the built in Syria objects are General called two items of maintenance and repair, four collapsible metal warehouse for storage of missile and artillery weapons and aircraft weapons, fixed battery charging station, an apron for aircraft of military transport aviation and heliport and the ring road for more than 10 km.

Bulgakov also said that the Russian military paved the entire network of internal roads, Parking of vehicles and the territory parks and in those parks and Parking lots storage completed construction of twenty-four collapsible metal storage for military equipment.

“To embed anti-aircraft missile battalion s-300 was built full-fledged military town with all necessary infrastructure”, — said the Deputy head of the defense Ministry.

Except on the basis Hamim Russian military also built the building to house personnel at the 720th paragraph MTO in Tartus Navy. They “created all necessary conditions for comfortable living and nutrition personnel,” said the General.

Bulgakov also said that for the supply of goods to Syria unique logistics system that synchronized work of all types of transport of the Armed forces and commercial organisations and which experts of NATO, in his words, called “Syrian Express”.

September 30, 2015, the Federation Council unanimously approved the use of Russian Armed forces abroad. Previously with the request to allow the use of Russian troops to the senators appealed to the President Vladimir Putin. Aviation group formed by the Supreme Commander in chief Vladimir Putin on 30 September on the Syrian air base Hamim. The base is fully provided with material and technical assets from Russia.

On the same day the head of the presidential administration of Russia Sergei Ivanov said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad appealed to Russia with a request for military assistance.

On 21 September, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal with reference to the publication Jane’s Intelligence Review reported that the analysis of satellite images from Syria have found evidence of the construction of two Russian military bases to the North of Latakia. At the same week, Reuters learned about the early reconnaissance flights of Russian UAVs in Syria, AFP reported on accommodation at the base near Latakia 28 Russian combat aircraft.

September 16 the Deputy chief of the Russian General staff Nikolay Bogdanov said that Moscow has no plans to create a military air base in Syria, however, he admitted that “anything can happen”.