The FT reported about links of Russian diplomats with Hungarian neo-Nazis

According to the publication, the Hungarian intelligence service established that the Russian diplomats and people in Russian military uniforms participated in the training of members of the Hungarian organization “movement of the national front” (MNA), whose leadership professed neo-Nazi ideology.

FT also points out that Hungarian journalists have received access to the correspondence of the leaders of the MNA, which discussed financial assistance from Moscow.

Interest in MNA arose after Hungarian police conducted an operation to arrest the leader of the organization of Istvan Gyorkos. The latter called himself a Nazi and admired the Hungarian Nazi Ferenc Salashi, who during the Second world war was an ally of Hitler, and after the occupation of Hungary by Soviet troops was executed for his part in mass murders (his fellow party members killed from 10 to 15 thousand Jews). During the police operation he had barricaded himself in his house and began to shoot. As a result, one policeman was killed.

Currently Gyorkos is in jail and is suspected of committing a range of crimes, including the spread of hateful ideology.

The FT sources in the security services say that Budapest knew that Russia had assisted the extremists in Hungary. However, the authorities did not raise the issue, fearing that Moscow will refuse to implementation of economic projects. We are talking about gas supplies and the construction of two reactors at a nuclear power plant in Paks.

With this point of view, as the newspaper notes, agree including and opponents of Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Thus, the opposition MP Zsolt Mornar pointed out that the situation around the capture of Darkosa showed the danger of organizations such as MNA. However, he did not see an ideological motive in the murder of a policeman and found that it is not necessary to take this subject at the diplomatic level.