Trump said about the election fraud in three States

“Serious voter fraud in Virginia, new Hampshire and California (in all three States were won by Hillary Clinton. — ). Why would the press not write about it? This distortion is a big problem,” trump wrote in his twitter.

Earlier in his microblog the President elect said that he won the election the number of voters. He pointed out that “it is necessary to subtract the votes of millions of people who voted illegally.”

“I would be a lot easier to win the election, having the support of the majority in the popular vote than in the fight for electoral votes. In this case, I would have been campaigning in three or four States, and wouldn’t have to visit 15 States,” — explained the billionaire.

26 Nov former candidate for US presidents from the green Party, Jill Stein filed a petition to review the election results in Wisconsin. Stein has also promised to submit a petition demanding the revision of votes in the States of Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The campaign headquarters of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton supported the efforts of the green Party. In a statement, the staff noted that its own investigation of staff found no violations, but the staff decided to take part in efforts “to make sure everything is fair for all parties.”

Trump called the initiative Stine “fraud,” saying that “the loser has already conceded defeat, and the results of these elections need to respect and not to challenge and criticize them.”