Arrested General FSO had to leave his post six months ago

The fate of General

Major-General Gennady Lopyrev had to leave his post six months ago, says a source close to the Kremlin, confirms a source close to the leadership of the FSB. “Talk about the fact that this position needs someone younger, was a long time ago” — the interlocutor in the Kremlin. According to him, it was assumed that in place of a General comes one of the employees of the presidential security group (part of FSS), but the replacement never occurred.

The General was detained on Friday, November 24, according to the results of internal audit, which was conducted by the FSO. In the detention was attended by employees of FSB and SKR. As reported by the official representative of the Investigative Committee, Svetlana Petrenko, Lopyreva was charged under part 6 St. 290 criminal code (bribery in especially large size). According to the TFR, he took money from “a number of heads of commercial structures for the overall protection in the conclusion and execution of public contracts for the repair and construction works”.

Check FSO was conducted on behalf of the Director of the service of Dmitry Kochneva, says “Kommersant” citing its sources.

“The problem is FSO arose after the departure of [Director FSO Eugene] Murov. In this sense, the replacement of old muromskoy guard set by Kochneva appointment of the head of FSO — said political analyst Nikolai Petrov. — The question is what form it will take: quite unusual extension of the accusations against Lopyreva. In the same you can blame any leader of division”.

The expert believes that now the “elites are sending an additional signal about how they should behave”. “This is exactly the publicity that we see, starting with [former defense Minister Anatoly] Serdyukov, not just when the pressure is removed and the result of some high dignitary, but the pressure of a public and humiliating public — emphasizes Petrov. Is not a fight with the most outstanding corrupt is the solution of intra-elite task shifts overstayers old associates of Putin under the slogan of struggle against corruption”.

Sochi administration

The resignation Lopyreva took place, since he “was a very important figure,” sources say . It Lopyrev through the FSO was responsible for all public facilities in the South of the country, including the residence of the President and the Prime Minister, says a source close to the Kremlin: “He knew what objects were built [on the black sea coast], on what to spend money. All of this took place through him.”

Loparev worked closely with the Sochi authorities, confirms a source in the leadership of the city. For example, he was part of the delegation that represented the city at an investment forum “Sochi-2012”.

Since 2003, the General Lopyrev directed management of security in the Caucasus: appointment to this position he was congratulated by Alexander Tkachev, who at that time was Governor of the Krasnodar territory. “During the meeting, they discussed issues of interaction of the Federal security service, bodies of local self-government of the city of Sochi”, — stated on the website of the regional administration.

How much money have found General

According to “Interfax”, Lopyreva caught red-handed when receiving a bribe, he seized 1 billion rubles, “Kommersant” said that the General suspected of receiving 6.2 million rubles. a Source close to law enforcement, claims that in the two episodes of receiving a bribe.

The source emphasizes that, in connection with the investigation of this case for several weeks audited in the Sochi administration, and the mayor of the city Anatoly Pakhomov passes on business as the witness. The first Vice-mayor of the city of Mugdin chermit in conversation with has denied this information. Pakhomov Friday did not answer calls .

Active construction

Since 2011, security in the Caucasus (JUICE) FSO concluded almost 4.4 thousand state contracts for a total amount of 18.2 billion rubles, follows from the data “SPARK-Marketing”. Tenders were carried out as a purchase from a single supplier. Documentation on the public procurement portal is not disclosed, but stated that all contracts signed by Lopyrev.

The largest contractor division FSO became FGUP “Ateks” who engaged in “construction of objects of Federal significance”. The share of “Alexa” had little more than half of all tenders — 9,3 billion rubles.

“Ateks” received mainly large contracts. The company got seven out of ten purchases with the greatest cost in the amount of 7.5 billion rubles, including “construction of state cottages No. 4, construction of sports complex”, “reconstruction of the main house at the facility FSO of Russia “Bocharov stream”, “construction and erection works by object: “construction of the coastal territory with the construction of houses stay and fence construction”, “construction Press-centre”, “the reconstruction of the waterfront” and supply radar systems and alarm systems.

“Ateks” is associated with the St. Petersburg businessman Dmitry Mikhalchenko, who is accused of smuggling. The General Director FGUP is Andrew Fireplaces, a good friend Mikhalchenko.

Familiarity with businessman influenced the fate of several high-ranking employees of power structures, said sources close to the FSB. With the name Mikhalchenko associated the resignation of the Director, FSO Evgeny Murov and chief of the Department “K” of the economic security Service of FSB (counter-intelligence is engaged in providing credit and financial services) Victor Voronin.

The second largest contractor division FSO company “Soyuzavtostroy”. 21 goodread the company received 2.8 billion rubles, follows from the data “SPARK-Marketing”. “Soyuzavtostroy” engaged in the construction of houses in Sochi and the restoration of the “office complex with engineering networks of the object “Riviera” (what kind of object it is, the documentation is not specified).

RUB 1.4 billion earned “the Alliance the XXI century”. From mid-January 2016 the company is in bankruptcy. Since 2009, the firm owned by Roman Kirushina, the Deputy of the Sochi city Assembly from the “United Russia”.